Implementing Tooltips for Menus

Environment: VC6, NT4 SP3

Well, as you see the new Win2000 you may have wondered how to
get those nice tool tips for menu bars in your own apps. Then you
found the right place !

In my small demo application I implemented a very simple
tooltip for menus which uses the status bar messages for its own
display (informative though)

My implementation is probably quite preliminary, but it seems
to work with NT 4.0, Win 98 and maybe Win 95, too.

All the changes to get the menu tip go to CMainFrame class. I
first overrode both OnEnterMenuLoop and OnExitMenuLoop,
furthermore OnEnterIdle and then FilterToolTipMessage. When a
menu pops up, OnEnterMenuLoop is called, which then creates a
WS_EX_TOPMOST style tooltip. The tooltip is updated by
OnEnterIdle which passes fake WM_MOUSEMOVE messages to the
tooltip using RelayEvent. I do need to override
FilterToolTipMessage, because the MFC CWnd::FilterToolTipMessage
does not create WS_EX_TOPMOST tooltips and therefore does NOT
display the tooltip. It is important to define your own method !

Well, that4s it, I think. Just download the sample app and
try it !


Download demo project – 32 Kb

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