History Edit Control

This sample was contributed by Ravi Bhavnani.

CHistoryEdit is a CEdit derived control that lets you to display a scrolling
text history, much like Dev Studio’s “Output” window during a compilation.
Here’s an example of the control (the “History” window) being used in a dialog box.

CHistoryEdit demo

CHistoryEdit’s AppendString() method appends a text
string to the control and automatically scroll the most recent entry into view. Two other
methods, AllowSelection() and
IsSelectable() allow you to control whether the user
may select text in the control.

Using CHistoryEdit in a dialog is quite simple:

  1. Include CHistoryEdit.h in your dialog class’ header file.

  2. Add member variables of type CHistoryEdit for every edit control
    you want to subclass.

  3. Subclass the edit controls in your dialog’s OnInitDialog() method.

      m_HistoryEdit.SubclassDlgItem (EDIT_HISTORY, this);

  4. Append text to the control by using AppendString().

      m_HistoryEdit.AppendString ("Compiling D:\\XDA\\Test\\Mechanic.kb...");

Download source files (2 K) CHistoryEdit.cpp, CHistoryEdit.h

Download demo project (14 K) (includes sources)

Last updated: 11 April 1998

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