Hiding the Flat Toolbar Separators

I have been taking part in a project for the last two years. At first we were using
Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0. I placed some controls into our toolbars using well-known
method by using a toolbar separator. You could get more info about that
. Changing Visual
C++ version from 5.0 to 6.0 I gave our toolbars the TBSTYLE_FLAT style.

After this I found that separators under some controls that have a small height
became visible. It was not so good. But I did not want to refuse from
the TBSTYLE_FLAT style. So I decided to fill rectangles of the separators intersecting
with controls using the toolbar background brush. I have created
CSeparatorsHidingToolBar class derived from MFC CToolBar class for
this purpose.

Step 1: Replace the instance of the CToolBar with
CSeparatorsHidingToolBar class or if you have your own toolbar
class simply derive it from CSeparatorsHidingToolBar one. Be
sure to add an include statement for CSeparatorsHidingToolBar
class definition.

That is all.


Download demo project – 32 Kb
Download source – 1 Kb

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