Full row selection and title tips

This article was contributed by Matthew Bells.

This code is an enhancement to the code by Zafir Anjum and Mark Findlay
which provides full row highlighting and TitleTips enhancements for the
CListCtrl. If you’ve noticed in MS-Dev, the TittleTips show
highlighting. This code is an extension which has TitleTips which can
change colors as well as performance enhancements to reduce flickering.

Another useful addition is notifying the parent window of the CListCtrl
when the selection has changed – useful if you want to disable buttons
if options are not available. For an example, look in the control panel
network services (WinNT); the “Properties” buttons will disable if the
selection does not have properties. This is done by sending a
notification to the parent window.

Since there have been many changes, i have attached the full source.

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