Finding an item (matching any member of TV_ITEM)

FindNextItem traverses a tree searching for an item matching all the item
attributes set in a TV_ITEM structure. In the TV_ITEM structure, the mask
member specifies which attributes make up the search criteria. If a match
is found, the function returns the handle otherwise NULL. This function
uses the function
seen previously. The function only searches in one direction (down) and if
hItem is NULL starts from the root of the tree.

HTREEITEM CTreeCtrlEx::FindNextItem(TV_ITEM* pItem, HTREEITEM hItem)

TV_ITEM hNextItem;

//Clear Item data
ZeroMemory(&hNextItem, sizeof(hNextItem));

//The mask is used to retrieve the data to compare
hNextItem.mask = pItem->mask;
hNextItem.hItem = (hItem) ? GetNextItem(hItem) : GetRootItem();

//Prepare to compare pszText
//Testing pItem->pszText protects the code from a client setting the
//TVIF_TEXT bit but passing in a NULL pointer.
if((pItem->mask & TVIF_TEXT) && pItem->pszText)
hNextItem.cchTextMax = strlen(pItem->pszText);

hNextItem.pszText = new char[++hNextItem.cchTextMax];

if(Compare(pItem, hNextItem))
//Copy all the information into pItem and return
memcpy(pItem, &hNextItem, sizeof(TV_ITEM));

//Free resources
delete hNextItem.pszText;

return pItem->hItem;

//The mask is used to retrieve the data to compare and must be
//reset before calling Compare
hNextItem.mask = pItem->mask;
hNextItem.hItem = GetNextItem(hNextItem.hItem);

//Set hItem in pItem
pItem->hItem = NULL;

//Free resources
delete hNextItem.pszText;

return NULL;

BOOL CTreeCtrlEx::Compare(TV_ITEM* pItem, TV_ITEM& tvTempItem)
//This call uses the .mask setting to just retrieve the values
//that the client wants to compare.
//Get all the data passed in by pItem

//Reset the mask so I can keep track of the matching attributes
tvTempItem.mask = 0;

if((pItem->mask & TVIF_STATE) &&
(pItem->state == tvTempItem.state))
tvTempItem.mask |= TVIF_STATE;

if((pItem->mask & TVIF_IMAGE) &&
(pItem->iImage == tvTempItem.iImage))
tvTempItem.mask |= TVIF_IMAGE;

if((pItem->mask & TVIF_PARAM) &&
(pItem->lParam == tvTempItem.lParam))
tvTempItem.mask |= TVIF_PARAM;

if((pItem->mask & TVIF_TEXT) &&
pItem->pszText && tvTempItem.pszText && //Don’t compare if either is NULL
!strcmp(pItem->pszText, tvTempItem.pszText))
tvTempItem.mask |= TVIF_TEXT;

if((pItem->mask & TVIF_CHILDREN) &&
(pItem->cChildren == tvTempItem.cChildren))
tvTempItem.mask |= TVIF_CHILDREN;

if((pItem->mask & TVIF_SELECTEDIMAGE) &&
(pItem->iSelectedImage == tvTempItem.iSelectedImage))
tvTempItem.mask |= TVIF_SELECTEDIMAGE;

//If by this point these two values are the same.
//tvTempItem.hItem is the desired item
return (pItem->mask == tvTempItem.mask);

Date Last Updated: April 24, 1999

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