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The CToolTipEx class is a extension of the MFC CToolTipCtrl control. When Microsoft c
reated Internet Explorer 4, they also added many new functions and capabilities for
CToolTipCtrl. Unfortunately, they have not added these to the CToolTipCtrl class yet.
This class wraps all the new procedures in an easy to use and recognizable format.

Some of the new functions included:

  • Ability to change the colors of both the background and foreground (text) of the Tooltip.
  • Ability to change the margins (empty space) surrounding the Tooltip.
  • Extended the SetDelayTime function to allow for changing the amount of time the Tooltip
    is visible and changing the amount of time before the Tooltip appears when moving the
    cursor to a new control.

  • Ability to adjust the maximum width of the Tooltip. Anything bigger will be displayed
    on multiple lines.

  • Ability for the Tooltip to move (track) with the cursor.

Note: To use this class you must have the most current Common Controls DLL (the one
that came with IE4 is fine) and the new Common Controls header file (this can be found

General usage:

In your mainfrm.h add a variable for the tooltip:

	CToolTipEx MyToolTip;

In your mainfrm.cpp’s OnCreate, after you create the ToolBar:


To access your tooltip control you must use:

	_AFX_THREAD_STATE* pThreadState = AfxGetThreadState();
CToolTipEx* pToolTip = (CToolTipEx*) pThreadState->m_pToolTip;

The reason you must use the above two lines instead of CToolBarCtrl’s GetToolTips()
is that the Toolbar doesn’t really own the tooltip. It is owned by the main
application thread.

If you have any questions see the provided help file. It lists all the functions and
gives examples for each.

Last updated: 9 May 1998

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