Executable file version information

This class reads version information from executable file header. It is useful because
any changes made to the VS_VERSION_INFO in the resource editor  automatically update
associated controls.

VersionInfo1.gif (7612 bytes)

CExecImageVersion class have following methods:

CString GetSpecialBuild();
CString GetPrivateBuild();
CString GetLegalTrademarks();
CString GetInternalName();
CString GetFileVersion();
CString GetFileDescription();
CString GetComments();
CString GetCopyright();
CString GetCompanyName();
CString GetProductVersion();
CString GetProductName();

Declare instance of this class:

CExecImageVersion ver;


CExecImageVersion ver("yourexe.exe");

m_strCompany = ver.GetCompanyName();
m_strComment = ver.GetComments();
m_strCopy = ver.GetCopyright();
m_strFileDescr = ver.GetFileDescription();
m_strFileVer = ver.GetFileVersion();
m_strIntName = ver.GetInternalName();
m_strPrivBuild = ver.GetPrivateBuild();
m_strProductName = ver.GetProductName();
m_strProductVer = ver.GetProductVersion();
m_strSpecialBuild = ver.GetSpecialBuild();
m_strTrademarks = ver.GetLegalTrademarks();

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Date Last Updated: April 4, 1999

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