eNITL – the Network Improv Template Language

eNITL is a scripting language engine for C++ applications which require
flexible, user-configurable output generation and internal scripting.  The
eNITL engine is embeddable, extensible, fast, thread-safe, cross-platform,
and open source.  The language itself is user-friendly, simple, and

eNITL is especially applicable to server-based Internet/intranet
applications which employ HTTP, SMTP, HTML, XML, SGML, Plain Text and other
text-based protocols and data formats.

eNITL is designed for use in commercial software applications, which demand
ease-of-use, high performance and reliability.

External Link

eNITL – the Network Improv Template Language v1.0b1


Archive with full source and *good* documentation downloadable from site

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