Enhanced ProgressBar Control v1.1


In this article I want to introduce enhanced ProgressBar control.
I collect some ideas from article
on CodeGuru
and CodeProject, add some
my own ideas and develop this control.
I try to develop it in most common, flexible and extensible way.
You can also use any standard functionality of ProgressBar and MFC wrapper CProgressCtrl.
In order to see more of my work, drop by and
visit my home page.


  • Filling with gradient colors
  • Multi-color gradient
  • Rubber gradient
  • Filling with brush for background and progress indicator (overrides color settings)
  • Text on bar
  • Dual color for text
  • Vertical text support (0-90-180-270 degree rotated text)
  • Font settings support
  • Formatted text (can show percent, position or plain text)
  • Text tied to progress indicator
  • Support for vertical oriented control
  • Reverse mode
  • Snake mode
  • Borders

Advanced Interface:

Text Styles (to set text format use “SetTextFormat” and “HideText”):

#define PBS_SHOW_PERCENT         0x0100
#define PBS_SHOW_POSITION        0x0200
#define PBS_SHOW_TEXTONLY        0x0300

Control Styles (use “ModifyStyle” or appropriated functions):

#define PBS_TIED_TEXT            0x1000
#define PBS_RUBBER_BAR           0x2000
#define PBS_REVERSE              0x4000
#define PBS_SNAKE                0x8000

Advanced functionality:

void SetGradientColors(COLORREF clrStart,
                       COLORREF clrEnd);
void GetGradientColors(COLORREF& clrStart,
                       COLORREF& clrEnd);

void SetGradientColorsX(int nCount,
                        COLORREF clrFirst,
                        COLORREF clrNext, ...);
const CDWordArray& GetGradientColorsX();

void SetBarBrush(CBrush* pbrBar);
CBrush* GetBarBrush();

void SetBkColor(COLORREF clrBk);
COLORREF GetBkColor();

void SetBkBrush(CBrush* pbrBk);
CBrush* GetBkBrush();

void SetTextColor(COLORREF clrTextOnBar,
                  COLORREF clrTextOnBk = -1);
COLORREF GetTextColor();
COLORREF GetTextColorOnBk();

void SetShowPercent(BOOL fShowPercent = TRUE);
BOOL GetShowPercent();

void SetTextFormat(LPCTSTR szFormat,
                   DWORD ffFormat = PBS_SHOW_TEXTONLY);
void HideText();

void SetTiedText(BOOL fTiedText = TRUE);
BOOL GetTiedText();

void SetRubberBar(BOOL fRubberBar = TRUE);
BOOL GetRubberBar();

void SetReverse(BOOL fReverse = TRUE);
BOOL GetReverse();

void SetSnake(BOOL fSnake = TRUE);
BOOL GetSnake();

void SetSnakeTail(int nTailSize);
int  GetSnakeTail();

void SetBorders(const CRect& rcBorders);
const CRect& GetBorders();

You can use also:

  • SetFont() – to set font and rotation(Escapement) of the text
  • SetWindowText() – to set text on control (better use SetTextFormat())
  • SetStyle(),ModifyStyle() – to change styles of control
  • SendMessage() – to send any ProgressBar or window messages
  • Any functionality of base class CProgressCtrl

See Test Project for additional information of usage.


The best view and performance you can get on HighColor(15/16 bit) and TrueColor(24/32 bit) resolutions.
Control also supports 256 and 16 color modes.
But in 16 colors mode you cannot use gradient,
and in 256 colors mode control works slower because of
usage CreateSolidBrush/FillRect
instead of FillSolidRect.

Control is part of UIBits.dll and independent usage requires two additional files:
DrawGdiX.h and


Download demo project – 57 Kb
Download source – 12 Kb

August 2, 2000 – version 1.1
June 5, 2000 – version 1.0

Write me about any
problem or ideas


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