Editable Labels

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LabelEdit and LabelComboBox are controls which looks like a CStatic, but when
the user clicks on the control, an edit control or combobox appears which allows
the user write (select) new value.


  1. In Resource Designer, put one or more custom controls. In the “Class” edit
    box in the “Properties” dialog for the custom control, specify “TLabelEdit” (no quotes).

  2. In InitInstance of the main application, you must call CTLabelEdit::RegClassLabelEdit()
    in order to register the window class TLabelEdit.

  3. Declare in Dialog or CFormView a member of the type which you want to
    use: CTLabelEdit or CTLabelComboBox

  4. In InitDialog (or OnInitalUpdate) you must subclass custom controls with
    the new members added in step 3.

  5. For controls of type CTLabelComboBox there must be an existing
    combobox control which the CTLabelComboBox will be attached. In step 4 you must attach
    the combobox to the custom control with the function CTLabelList::Attach(…).

This custom controls can be extended to use listbox, etc.

Last updated: 30 May 1998

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