Database Sample (Repeater Frequency Index)

This program is a database intensive application,
which demonstrates the following topics regarding
the manipulation of a Microsoft JET database using
the MFC DAO database classes:

  1. Reading a JET database
  2. Sorting a recordset
  3. Filtering a recordset
  4. Searching a recordset
  5. Adding records
  6. Deleting records
  7. Editing/Updating records
  8. Dynamically building an SQL query

In addition to MFC DAO database access, this app
demonstrates tray icon notification, subclassing
the standard MFC List Control, and a Splash Screen.

I am releasing this app
into the public domain with no restrictions, however,
portions of this program are Copyright as described:

Module : CTrayNotifyIcon
Purpose: Interface for a MFC class to encapsulate
Created: PJN / NOTSHELL/1 / 14-05-1997
Copyright (c) 1997 by PJ Naughter.
All rights reserved.

You may wish to make note of this persons efforts on the

This program has not been released previously, however,
was intended for release to a specific target audience
(HAM radio operators), and will continue to be updated
and distributed (as soon as I figure out how to do it)
as public domain software.

Download Files The zip file is 55K.

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