CXTabCtrl: an easier tab control for dialogs and forms

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When I first got in touch with the Microsoft VC, it was boring to put a tab control
in a form or in a dialog. I had to create the dialogs, fill in the TCITEM struct for
each of my tabs, and finally insert them in the tab control. With the CXTabCtrl what you have to do is ilustrated below:

InitDialog (CDialog) or InitialUpdate (CFormView)

m_pMyDlg = new CMyDlg;
m_pMyDlg->Create(CMyDlg::IDD, &m_tabctrl /*CXTabCtrl variable*/);
m_tabctrl.AddTab(m_pMyDlg, "Tab caption", 0 /* image number*/);

The OnSelChange that you had to implement in the dialog (or form), to show
the correct dialog, now is in the CXTabCtrl, so you don’t have to worry about it.
You can disable a tab too, so the user cannot see it’s contents.

m_tabctrl.EnableTab(1 /*index*/, FALSE);

Also, you can set the following colors:

  • Selected tab
  • Unselected tab
  • Disabled tab
  • A mouse over tab


Download demo project – 19Kb

Download source – 4Kb

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