CStatic-Derived Flat Button Class


CStaticButton is a class derived from MFC CStatic class.
With this class your applications can have standard buttons
or new and modern buttons with “flat” style!

CStaticButton features:

  • Standard CStatic properties
  • Only Bitmap Button – But, Adding Icon so esay
  • Not Depend on Format, 2 color – true color support
  • Standard or new “flat” button style
  • Change runtime from Enable-Disable Image
  • Change runtime from ToolTips and CRgn(Default-rect region)
  • Can be used via DDX_ calls
  • Can be dinamically created
  • Each button can have its own mouse pointer
  • Full source code included!
  • It’s free!


I don’t speak English very well. However, I think that the code is simple and
easy enough to follow. Just don’t forget to change the button image’s Notify


Download demo project – 64 Kb
Download source – 3 Kb

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