CPrintListCtrl Class


The CPrintListCtrl class is a standalone class which can be used to
easy print a list control content (and even includes a “print preview”
feature). This class is very easy to use and
implement a lot of feature (like print column separator, line separator,
head, column truncation, …).

Using the CPrintListCtrl Class

Here’s an example of how to use the CPrintListCtrl class:

CPrintListCtrl cPrintListCtrl;

cPrintListCtrl.SetListCtrl(<handle to list control>);
cPrintListCtrl.Print(GetSafeHwnd(), "List Control");

You can peer through the CPrintListCtrl code to see how to
implement the CPrintListCtrl class.


Download demo project – 28 Kb
Download source – 8 Kb

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