Cool Popup Menu


Here are just some of the cool features of this menu class.

  • Vertical bitmap can be shown to the left side of menu items of popup
    menu, just like Windows start menu.

  • Child controls can be placed on the menu window.

Usage Instructions:

In order to use CBmpMenu class, user needs to use the standard functions
implemented by CMenu for showing a popup menu. User creates an instance of
CBmpMenu instead of CMenu and then uses LoadMenu or CreatePopupMenu followed
by TrackPopupMenu.

User needs to provide handle of vertical bitmap in the constructor.

CBmpMenu(int nBitmapW=0,
 BOOL bShowBmp4SubMenu=FALSE,
 HBITMAP hBitmap=0,
 BOOL StretchBmp=TRUE);

Explanation of arguments

  • nBitmapW – Width of the blank space to be shown to the left side of menu
    items in a popup menu.
  • bShowBmp4SubMenu – If TRUE, then blank space is shown for all submenus
    of a popup menu. If FALSE, then blank space is shown only for main menu.
  • hBitmap – If a valid handle is passed then this bitmap is drawn on the
    blank space
  • bStretchBmp – If TRUE, then bitmap is drawn using StretchBlt. If False,
    then the blank space is filled with pattern brush created from the bitmap.

If user wants to place any child controls on the menu window, he needs to
do the processing in WM_ENTERMENULOOP handler.

The parameters for WM_ENTERMENULOOP has been changed by CbmpMenu


// handle of menu which is entering the modal loop
wParam = (HMENU)hMenu;

//handle of menu window(menu window is of type CBmpMenu)
lParam = (HEND)hWindow;

Using hWindow as parent window, any child controls can be created and
placed on the menu window.


Download demo project – 40 Kb
Download source – 14 Kb

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