Combobox Color Picker 3

(Based On Earlier Code That Was By Baldvin Hansson.)

This class, CColorPickerCB,
implements a Combobox that displays colors, as well as the name
of the colors. Colors may be added or removed at runtime, and the
control can be queried for the COLORREF
value, or the name of the
selected color. You can also set the selected color.

The control correctly handles selection, enabled and disabled
drawing (see images below of the control is various states).
Since the control uses strings for display, the colors can be

CColorPickerCB Sample Images

To use this control, create a Drop List Combobox with the
"Owner Draw Fixed"
and "Has Strings"
styles. Attach a CColorPickerCB
to the control, and off you go!

Note that the control will use 1/4 (one fourth) of its width
for the color block, and the rest, minus a few pixels, for the
color text. Be sure you make it wide enough.

If you want the source code to make sense, be sure you are set
to a Tab size of 4, or the comments and code will not line up

Any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to EMail me.


Thanx to Marcel Galema
for finding a bug with my inverted (selected) color usage, and
suggesting a fix for it.


Here is a list of public functions in the
CColorPickerCB class:

COLORREF GetSelectedColorValue(void)           // Get Selected Color Value
CString GetSelectedColorName(void);            // Get Selected Color Name
void SetSelectedColorValue(COLORREF crColor)   // Set Selected Color Value
void SetSelectedColorName(PCSTR cpColor);      // Set Selected Color Name
bool RemoveColor(PCSTR cpColor);               // Remove Color From List
bool RemoveColor(COLORREF crColor);            // Remove Color From List
int  AddColor(PCSTR cpName, COLORREF crColor); // Insert A New Color

The sample application can be obtained here,
and the code for the CColorPickerCB class can be obtained here.

)1998 James R. Twine

Last Update: August 25, 1998

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