CodeWright Extension DLL using ATL/WTL

Environment: VC6 SP4, NT4 SP3, CodeWright Editor

There used to be a sample of an MFC extension for CodeWright on
the Premia Web Site. This one is similar but uses ATL/WTL instead.
This DLL was initially created with the ATL Wizard (aren’t they all).

The stdafx header pulls in a bunch of ATL and WTL headers and doesn’t
really use them at all (yet). You’ll be able to tune them out as
you go.

Look for variables and names with ‘atl_test’– they probably have to be
revised as further clones are taken of this arrangement.

I have removed almost all COM server support–most COM client functions
should work since the caller must call ole initialize. CodeWright??

I use events a lot so there is a general handler for them. I also use
the dinkumware version of the libraries ( you may not, the standard
ones should work okay ).

Note–exports.h header must be hacked if you include it (you’ll probably
need to. The hacked version leaves out StrTrim because shlwapi.h has
hogged that name already!!

The most convenient way to hack on this is to use the Brief keymap and
to use F9/shift-F9 to load/unload the DLL and F10 to exec functions.


Download demo project – 54 Kb

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