Class with full row highlighting, dragable headers, sorting

Information above the divider pertains to the update of
6/13/98. I have redone the sorting. It should be much improved
now. I have tested this sorting, and it will work much more
reliably than the old stuff. Also I added support for sorting by
float. There is now no need to check the Owner Draw Fixed box in
the dialog editor. ListCtrlEx will automatically set
LVS_OWNERDRAWFIXED if row hilighting is enabled.

I needed to add some functionality to my list controls, so of
course, I came to the Code Guru for help. I found several very
good articles on extending the CListCtrl class, but none that
included all of the features I needed. By combining the code from
three of these articles and adding some features of my own, I
have created an easy to use extended list control class.
CListCtrlEx extends CListCtrl by adding full row highlighting,
column header drag and drop, and column sorting. Columns can be
sorted by string(case or no case), number, or date/time. All,
none or any combination of these features can be enabled.

I would like to thank the authors of the following articles:
highlighting of entire row

columns to rearrange column sequence

Download Source (CListCtrlEx.h, and
CListCtrlEx.cpp) 8Kb

To use CListCtrlEx:

1. Add the header to your dialog box header file or StdAfx.h:
#include "CListCtrlEx.h" 

2. Add a CListCtrlEx to your dialog box class where you would
add CListCtrl:
CListCtrlEx m_List; 

3. Initialize the list control in the dialog box OnInitDialog
function to enable the features you want:

BOOL CListDlg::OnInitDialog()

	//set the column types and enable sorting
	if(m_List.SetColumnTypes(_gnLogColTypes, NUM_LOGCOLUMNS))
	//set the type of row highlighting
	//enable drag and drop headers
	//set the base time for sorting on a 24 hour clock
	return TRUE;


_gnLogColTypes and NUM_LOGCOLUMNS
are globally defined as follows:

static unsigned char _gnLogColTypes[NUM_LOGCOLUMNS] =

If you do not call SetColumnTypes() but you enable sorting,
all columns will be sorted as case sensitive strings. The sorting
types are defined as:

LVEX_NUM: Sort as an integer number
LVEX_CASE: Sort as a string (case sensitive)
LVEX_NOCASE: Sort as a string (not case sensitive)
LVEX_TIME: Sort as a date/time
LVEX_NOSORT: Do not sort this column
LVEX_NUM_FLOAT: Sort by floating point number
LVEX_TIME_BASE: Sort as 24 hour time with a starting time (see
below, will probably never use)

The row highlighting types are defined as:

HIGHLIGHT_NORMAL: Highlight the first column only (default
CListCtrl behavior)
HIGHLIGHT_ALLCOLUMNS: Highlight all columns but not unused space
HIGHLIGHT_ROW: Highlight the entire row including unused space

I added the base clock time feature to fit a very specific
need I had. Most people will probably not have to use it. The
records I display commonly have 24 hour clock times (no date)
beginning in early evening and running to morning (ie: 23:00:00
to 05:00:00) and I needed to sort the time from the starting time
(23:00:00) not by the lowest time. If you do not call
SetBaseTime(), the date/time will be sorted by absolute time.

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