CAnimateCtrl() Example Code

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Its pretty easy to implement an avi control. Follow these steps to add
an avi animation control (CAnimateCtrl) to your dialog resource:

  • In the resource editor, click on the animate control icon, and place one
    on your dialog.
  • Go into ‘Class Wizard’ and add a control name to your newly inserted
    component. example:
  • CAnimateCtrl m_avi;

    this is placed in your .h file.

  • Next, import the .avi file into your project. To do this, highlite your
    resource project name, and right click in the resource view window. Select
    import. Set the filter to *.avi, and select the avi file you want to import.
  • Enter “AVI” for resource type in the custom resource type dialog box.
  • Add the following code to your project:

  • /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    // CAvidemoDlg message handlers

    BOOL CAvidemoDlg::OnInitDialog()

    // TODO: Add extra initialization here
    m_avi.Open( IDR_AVI ); // open the avi resource.
    m_avi.Play( 0, -1,-1 );play avi resource.

    // return TRUE unless you set the focus to a control
    return TRUE;

Last updated: 29 March 1998

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