AVI – Animated button

You can see this effect on some multimedia programs: as you drag mouse over
the button, the button will animate.
The whole thing is in CAniButton class derived from CButton.

Use CAniButton as a normal CButton (Style must be Owner draw)
On Init dialog simply use LoadAVI( AVI_ID ) where AVI_ID is ID of AVI file
loaded in resources.

The button will resize to match the size of AVI animation.
The first frame of animation will be used as a static look.
Be careful when you create your own AVI file. Not everything could be played !

Here is what is written for Animated control in MSDN:

Animation controls can play only simple AVI clips. Specifically, the clips
to be played by an animation control must meet the following requirements:

-There must be exactly one video stream and it must have at least one frame.

-There can be at most two streams in the file (typically the other stream,
if present, is an audio stream, although the animation control ignores
audio information).

-The clip must either be uncompressed or compressed with RLE8 compression.

-No palette changes are allowed in the video stream.

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