A tab-like sheet control

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To add the sheet control to CChildFrame in a MDI application:

  1. add a new member CSheetsWnd m_wndSheets to CChildFrame class.
  2. override CChildFrame::OnCreateClient, and inside the function
    call m_wndSheets.Attach(this). From this moment all child windows from
    CChildFrame are put in sheet the contol, each view with one page.

To add the sheet control to a CDialog:

  1. add a new member CSheetsWnd m_wndSheets to your dialog class.
  2. create n dialogs in resource editor, each with the WS_CHILD style.
  3. declare n dialog members in you dialog. One of these dialogs must be
    created with WS_VISIBLE style.

  4. overwrite OnInitDialog in your dialog class, and add m_wndSheets.Attach(this).
  5. call the Create function for each dialog declared as a member variable.
    (m_dlg1.Create(IDD_DIALOG1, this));

Suppose that your dialog contains one button IDOK and a button IDCANCEL. These
buttons are children of your dialog. To eliminate the buttons from the pages sheet
control you must derive a new class CSheetsDialog, and overwrite GetFirstView(),
GetNextView() virtual functions from CSheetsWndas shown below. Of course, the variable
type of m_wndSheets must be changed to the new class CSheetDialog.

The class CSheetsWnd could be easily extended with more features. I will try
to put more features to this class.

// Declare this struct for store a set of ID’s control.
struct SCtrlID
CMap m_mapCtrlIDs;
m_mapCtrlIDs[IDOK] = TRUE;
m_mapCtrlIDs[IDCANCEL] = TRUE;

// Check if ID is in map or not.
BOOL bValue = TRUE;
return m_mapCtrlIDs.Lookup(id, bValue);

// class CSheetsDialog header
class CSheetsDialog : public CSheetsWnd
virtual ~CSheetsDialog();
virtual CWnd* GetNextView();
virtual CWnd* GetFirstView();

CWnd* GetNextViewValid(CWnd* pWnd);
static SCtrlID m_ctrlID;

// class CSheetsDialog implementation
SCtrlID CSheetsDialog::m_ctrlID;



CWnd* CSheetsDialog::GetFirstView()
return GetNextViewValid(CSheetsWnd::GetFirstView());

CWnd* CSheetsDialog::GetNextView()
return GetNextViewValid(CSheetsWnd::GetNextView());;

// Scan if ID of pWnd is not in IDOK or IDCANCEL
CWnd* CSheetsDialog::GetNextViewValid(CWnd * pWnd)
while (pWnd && (m_ctrlID.Is(pWnd->GetDlgCtrlID())))
pWnd = CSheetsWnd::GetNextView();
return pWnd;

Last updated: 12 August 1998

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