A static control to display DIBs

This article describes a class (CDibStatic) that implements a static control
used to display dibs. The control has a CDib member, which displays itself with
the parameters passed by the CDibStatic class. The CDib class encapsulates the
functionality provided in dibapi.h (DIBLOOK sample) and is described in an article
in the images & palettes section.

The main features of the CDibStatic class are:

  • The dib can be loaded directly from disk
  • Includes palette support
  • The image is centered/stretched automatically in the control client area

The palette support is implemented using handlers for the WM_QUERYNEWPALETTE
and WM_PALETTECHANGED windows messages, so you have to ensure in your program
that the control receives these messages. If the palette never changes the
CDib class paints the image with the right palette selected the first time.
If the control is used in modal dialogs (fileopen for instance), the palette
changes can be due only to other applications, thus realizing palette when
gaining focus will always maintain the right colors. You can realize the
palette any time you want using the DoRealizePalette member function.

This class has been used (among other things) to implement a standard file
open dialog with preview (and without any custom hooks) and a completely
object oriented DIBLOOK. These articles can be found on the dialogs section
and the samples section respectively.


Download demo project – 40 Kb
Download source – 8 Kb

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