My First Windows Phone App Studio App

by Alice Pang

While sitting in a coffee shop, I wanted to do a walkthrough of building a Windows Phone app with Windows Phone App Studio.  After receiving my invitation code (by requesting one from studio@microsoft.com), I set out to build my an app about one of my favorite hobbies, aerial/circus arts!


After signing in, I explored the options for getting started with my app:


And I decided to use the hobby template.


After writing a brief description and uploading a 160x160 image, I explored the options for content.  There are helpful links explaining each of the content options.  For now, I simply decided to add photos to the gallery.



Once I was done adding my content, I could easily generate the app by clicking the Generate button on the bottom left.



And waited for Windows Phone App Studio to work its magic…


Voila!  I was emailed a link to install the Certificate.  I was also able to download the source code and open it in Visual Studio.  There are also instructions on submitting my app and publishing it to the Store.



Reprinted with permission.

This article was originally published on September 13th, 2013

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