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Windows Mobile Development Center
The Windows Mobile Development Center is your destination for information on building great mobile apps for Windows Phone as well as Windows PCs and Windows tablets.
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Integrating Maps into Your UWP App

Look at what can be done with mapping in a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app.

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Adding Camera Support to Universal Windows Platform Apps

With a UWP app, you can design for specific input modes and devices. Learn to control a camera from one.

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Deploying .NET Core Apps to the rPi 2

Learn to build a console application that you can run on the rPi 2.

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Google Assistant SDK : Now for Raspberry Pi or Your Own Device

Google released a developer preview of its new Google Assistant SDK. 


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Windows Store Apps run on tablets, notebooks, and even desktop computers. This includes Surface devices as well as other Windows slates.
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There are a lot of things to know and learn about building Windows mobile applications that go beyond the simple topics of Windows mobile and platforms.
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