VB DeskTop Icon Restorer Ver 3.02 Win95+98 Only

VB DeskTop Icon Restorer Ver 3.02 Win95+98 Only

This code builds on the previous article Locating Desktop Icon Positions using

Memory Mapped Files.


The attached program has the following features :

  • Locate DeskTop Icons

  • Get Text from Desktop Icons

  • Multiple Desktop Icon Position Restorer and Saver

  • Hide\Unhide any Icon

  • Retrieve Icon Images

  • Detect Screen Resolution Changes and Restore Icon Pattern regardless of resolution change
  • Hide\UnHide TaskBar

  • Use Global HotKey to bring up App

  • Dynamically change screen resolutions while restoring Icon Pattern

This program makes a handy companion to QuickRes, and also helps make your desktop


The project demonstrates advanced API routines, including :

  • Memory-Mapped files – for cross-process messaging
  • Subclassing – to detect messages
  • Creating a global HotKey – to call your app while it doesn’t have the focus

Known Bugs

This code does not work under windows NT. You can get it to work under NT by changing the

API declares to use their Unicode equivilent.

Download Zipped Project File (36k)

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