How to write your own Telnet Server in VB5/6

This is a simple TELNET server supporting only one user and one comnection at a time. The Program can be enhanced for multiple user and for multiple users at a time.

The image below shows the interface to the Telnet client through the Microsoft Telnet program:

Telnet screenshot

Server Side Setup

Compile the supplied application and run it!

Client Side Setup

You can use the same machine or go to the other machine to test your server.

  • Go to the RUN prompt of your windows type TELNET.
  • In the telnet’s Connect menu option select Remote System…
  • Now enter the ip address of the computer where your telnet server (demo application) is running in the Host Name option (or you can just enter your Computer Name)
  • Enter 23 or default value in the Host edit box
  • Press Enter

Yes, there comes your login screen. You can login to the sample telnet server using:

Login Name : sanjeev
Password : siri

Typing HELP at the prompt will give you a list of commands accepted by the client.

Download zipped project file (3k)

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