Get a list of all SQL Servers in a specified Domain


Author: Lothar Haensler

Ever wanted to know which NT machines are used as SQLServers?

When playing around with the NetServerEnum API I found the following solution that I just wanted to share. The code doesn't return the list of servers, it simply does a 'debug.print' - it could be easily modified to return a disconnected ADOR Recordset, an array or even a collection.

Paste the following code into a BAS module :

option Explicit
private Declare Function lstrlenW Lib "kernel32" (byval _
        lpString as Long) as Long
private Declare Function NetServerEnum Lib "netapi32" ( _
    strServername as Any, _
    byval level as Long, _
    bufptr as Long, _
    byval prefmaxlen as Long, _
    entriesread as Long, _
    totalentries as Long, _
    byval servertype as Long, _
    strDomain as Any, _
    resumehandle as Long) as Long
private Declare Function NetApiBufferFree Lib "Netapi32.dll" _
        (byval lpBuffer as Long) as Long
private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" _
        (Destination as Any, Source as Any, byval Length as Long)
private Const SV_TYPE_SERVER as Long = &H2
private Const SV_TYPE_SQLSERVER as Long = &H4
private Type SV_100
    platform as Long
    name as Long
End Type
public Sub GetSQLServers()
' You could change this to be a function returning
' a list of the SQL servers in a ADOR Recordset or an array etc.
' At present, it just does a debug.print of all the
' SQL servers on the network.
    Dim l as Long
    Dim entriesread as Long
    Dim totalentries as Long
    Dim hREsume as Long
    Dim bufptr as Long
    Dim level as Long
    Dim prefmaxlen as Long
    Dim lType as Long
    Dim domain() as Byte
    Dim i as Long
    Dim sv100 as SV_100
    level = 100
    prefmaxlen = -1
    domain = "placeYourDomainNameHere" & vbNullChar
    l = NetServerEnum(byval 0&, _
            level, _
            bufptr, _
            prefmaxlen, _
            entriesread, _
            totalentries, _
            lType, _
            domain(0), _
    If l = 0 Or l = 234& then
        for i = 0 to entriesread - 1
            CopyMemory sv100, byval bufptr, len(sv100)
            Debug.print Pointer2stringw(
            bufptr = bufptr + len(sv100)
        next i
    End If
    NetApiBufferFree bufptr
End Sub
private Function Pointer2stringw(byval l as Long) as string
    Dim buffer() as Byte
    Dim nLen as Long
    nLen = lstrlenW(l) * 2
    If nLen then
        ReDim buffer(0 to (nLen - 1)) as Byte
        CopyMemory buffer(0), byval l, nLen
        Pointer2stringw = buffer
    End If
End Function

Download Bas Module (2k)


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