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Environment: Visual Basic 6

When it comes to generating reports in software systems, most users want these reports to be printed as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file, which is is normally a read-only format so that users can't change the contents of it. Most customers will ask that your report be printed in PDF format.

From this example, you do not have to install any third-party controls to create the PDF file.This example converts a text file and creates a PDF file.


Download source code - 6 Kb
Download demo project - 13 Kb


  • When I try to close the PDF, it asks to be save.. Why.

    Posted by Catharinus van der Werf on 01/12/2013 09:23am

    Hello my friends I want to use the pdf from Dinesh Asanka. Very beautiful in its simplicity. But when I close a pdf that is created with the tool from Dinesh, it asked wheter or not I want to save it. Why does it not simply close the pdf???? Anybody?? Thanks in advance Catharinus

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