Create Controls Dynamically (VB6)


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Author: Manoj Tuli

Create a Control dynamically at Run time. Without using a Control Array. That is the control is not present at Design time But will appear at Run Time.


option Explicit
Dim withevents Cmd1 as CommandButton
private Sub Form_Load()
  set Cmd1 = Controls.Add("vb.commandbutton", "Cmd1")
  Cmd1.Width = 2000
  Cmd1.Top = me.Height / 2 - Cmd1.Height / 2 - 100
  Cmd1.Left = me.Width / 2 - Cmd1.Width / 2 - 100
  Cmd1.Caption = "Dynamic Button"
  Cmd1.Visible = true
End Sub
private Sub Cmd1_click()
  MsgBox "I have been Created Dynamically at Run-time", _
    , "Dynamic Controls"
End Sub


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