Create Controls Dynamically (VB6)


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Author: Manoj Tuli

Create a Control dynamically at Run time. Without using a Control Array. That is the control is not present at Design time But will appear at Run Time.


option Explicit
Dim withevents Cmd1 as CommandButton
private Sub Form_Load()
  set Cmd1 = Controls.Add("vb.commandbutton", "Cmd1")
  Cmd1.Width = 2000
  Cmd1.Top = me.Height / 2 - Cmd1.Height / 2 - 100
  Cmd1.Left = me.Width / 2 - Cmd1.Width / 2 - 100
  Cmd1.Caption = "Dynamic Button"
  Cmd1.Visible = true
End Sub
private Sub Cmd1_click()
  MsgBox "I have been Created Dynamically at Run-time", _
    , "Dynamic Controls"
End Sub


  • ejemplo de array dinamico

    Posted by jorge on 05/17/2017 07:15am

    Public Sub IniciarNodos(PIC As PictureBox, pNumNodos As Long) Dim Maxx As Single Dim Maxy As Single Dim medx As Single Dim medy As Single Dim i As Long Dim pasoy As Single Dim pasox As Single Dim j As Long PIC.ScaleMode = vbPixels PIC.AutoRedraw = True Maxx = PIC.ScaleWidth Maxy = PIC.ScaleHeight medx = Maxx / 2 medy = Maxy / 2 pasox = Maxx / pNumNodos PIC.Line (0, medy)-(Maxx, medy) i = 1 'dibujar nodos inicial For j = 1 To Maxx Step pasox If i 1 Then Load frmWaveEdit.pNodos(i) End If frmWaveEdit.pNodos(i).left = i * pasox frmWaveEdit.pNodos(i).top = medy frmWaveEdit.pNodos(i).Visible = True i = i + 1 Next End Sub

  • Hey you!

    Posted by Alan Balkany on 01/13/2017 02:47pm

    Thanks! This helped!

  • dynamical objects

    Posted by Albert on 04/26/2012 01:16am

    gd morning hve a question regaring dynamically creating of controls using such as 'Set FM1 = Controls.Add("vb.Frame", "Frame1")' posible to use a dynamic name (string) instead of a fixed name? strObjName = "NewObj" & Counter Form1.Controls.Add("vb.textbox", strObjName, Form1) cannot use above system.

  • help me urgently

    Posted by raviraj on 04/27/2004 09:48am

    how to create form dynamically

    • New Form

      Posted by Imran Khan on 07/24/2017 11:38pm

      You can write New Form in your code to create a new form in your VB project.

  • how to create menu control in VB?

    Posted by binhthanh on 04/16/2004 02:16am

    I want to create a menu control(support unicode) but i dont know to create it. Please tell me how to create or sourcecode. Thanks.

  • its really a great stuff how run time button generation

    Posted by Legacy on 12/24/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Pranav Jariwalla

    Well, but how can we add run time buttons in to Frame

    • Re to Pravan Jariwalla: Add Dynamic Button to the frame control.

      Posted by manoj_tuli on 05/11/2004 03:10am

      Friend, Heres the code to do the same. Sorry for the delay in Replying. ------------------------------------------ Option Explicit Dim WithEvents Cmd1 As CommandButton Dim WithEvents FM1 As Frame Private Sub Form_Load() Set FM1 = Controls.Add("vb.Frame", "Frame1") FM1.Top = 150 FM1.Left = 300 FM1.Width = 3000 FM1.Height = 2000 FM1.Caption = "Dynamic Frame" 'FM1.Name = "Frame1" FM1.Visible = True Me.Show DoEvents Set Cmd1 = Controls.Add("vb.commandbutton", "Cmd1") Cmd1.Width = 2000 Cmd1.Top = Me.Height / 2 - Cmd1.Height / 2 - 100 Cmd1.Left = Me.Width / 2 - Cmd1.Width / 2 - 100 Cmd1.Caption = "Dynamic Button" Set Cmd1.Container = FM1 Cmd1.Visible = True End Sub ' Private Sub Cmd1_click() MsgBox "I have been Created Dynamically at Run-time, with Frame 1 as my container.", , "Dynamic Controls" End Sub ------------------------------------------

  • Adding event in dynamic control

    Posted by Legacy on 12/18/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Deen Bandhu

    How to add event on dynamically created control.
    I have tried with this code.

    For i = 1 To 2
    Set ctlOpt(i) = Form1.Controls.Add("VB.OptionButton", "Opt" & i, ctlFrm(1))
    With ctlOpt(i)
    If i = 1 Then
    .Top = 100
    .Top = ctlOpt(i - 1).Top + 500
    End If
    .Left = 600
    .Caption = .Name
    .Visible = True
    End With
    Now I need fire event on each option button. It is possible with one control but not with array control

  • Dynamic Control Array

    Posted by Legacy on 12/08/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Deen Bandhu

    Finally I got the code for dynamic control Arry.

    But one problem is still there how to dispaly multiple control arryay say text box in limited space of form.

    For that i need a scrollable container like in html page to vied n number of control.

    Plz Help me

  • Help me urgently

    Posted by Legacy on 10/28/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: arun prakash

    The code was nice & simple.But I want to know how to write events.I have create an array of textboxes.PLzzzzzzzz help me .Thanks in advance

    • Re: Help me urgently

      Posted by manoj_tuli on 05/11/2004 03:25am

      Please send me your code on thsi address ping_manoj@hotmail.com. Let me see what exaclt are w etalking about.

    • Help me urgently

      Posted by raviraj on 04/26/2004 09:53am

      The code was nice & simple.But I want to know how to write events.I have create an array of textboxes.PLzzzzzzzz help me .Thanks in advance

  • Adding Dynamic TextBox with Array Control & Events

    Posted by Legacy on 09/11/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: aditul

    On a blank form

    -create textBox
    -rename it to arrayText
    -selct the textBox
    You'll be asked if you want to create a control array 'cause you have another textBox with the same name
    -click ok
    you have now the array control created.
    you can delete the second now.
    you'll have one control array with only one control

    -fill in this code in Form_Load()

    For i = 1 To 10

    Load arrayText(i)
    arrayText(i).Left = arrayText(0).Left
    arrayText(i).Top = arrayText(0).Top + 300 * i
    arrayText(i).Text = "array textbox dynamic (" & i & ")"
    arrayText(i).Width = 3500
    arrayText(i).Height = 285
    arrayText(i).Visible = True

    MsgBox "textbox dynamic nr " & i, vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "Created???"

    Next i

    Run it, should work.

    • VB Dynamic Controls

      Posted by Peter on 04/23/2012 04:15am

      I needed to add a 'number' of controls, and just couldn't get my head around the syntax. This article worked first time! :)

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