Stored Procedure Class Wizard

Environment: VC++ v 5.0, MFC v 4.21, NT 4.0/95

Stored Procedure Class Wizard (SPCW) is a development
tool that can be used exclusively to generate class files
(.cpp and .h) derived from MFCs CRecordset for stored
procedures. Currently SPCW supports Microsoft SQL Server
v 6.5, 7.0 Beta 3, and Sybase SQL Anywhere v 5.5 and can
be extended to any database. The idea is to speed up the
development process of client-server projects involving
aforementioned packages under Windows NT/95. SPCW is an
extension to DevStudio’s class wizard.

Running the application:

Extract it to a folder and then run.

Recent Updates

  1. Support for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Beta 3.

  2. Support for handling return values in the generated class files.

  3. Option of generating class files (.cpp and .h) for system procedures. This applies to Sybase SQL Anywhere only.


Download Wizard application – 415 Kb
Download source – 104 Kb

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