Command-line ‘Where’ Tool

Environment: Windows NT 4 SP6, Visual C++ 6 SP3

For a while, I’ve wished for tool that worked like the csh unix command, where. I.e. a tool
to display where an executable is found in the search path.
Finally, I wrapped the SearchPath API call in a command-line where utility. I added a couple of options
to show version information. Here’s the usage:

Usage: where [-v] [-x] [-s] [-d] <executable file>

Finds the file using the rules specified by the SearchPath
API method:

  1. The directory from which the application loaded.

  2. The current directory.

  3. The Windows system directory.

  4. [Windows NT/2000] The 16-bit Windows system

  5. The Windows directory.

  6. The directories that are listed in the PATH
    environment variable.

It uses .exe, .com, and .cmd as default file types if
none is specified.

See the documentation for the SearchPath API for
more details.

-v Show version info
-x Show extended version info
-s Save command line settings (or lack of)
as default
-d Reset default command line settings


Download source and exe – 53 Kb

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