Tech IQ: Do You Already Know Enough to Build a Windows Phone 8 App - Android Developer Edition?

If you already develop Android application, then have you also built a Windows Phone 8 app? Or, are you shying away from the Windows platform? Do you believe that Windows Phone apps are drastically differently from what you are used to? With its unique modern styling, Windows Phone 8 does appear to be quite different from other platforms.

Android apps and Windows Phone 8 apps bear many similarities to each other. This can give Android developers a jump-start into Windows Phone 8 applications by taking advantage of existing knowledge. In fact, your existing Android experience might also give you a high IQ for building Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps. You can take this Tech IQ to find out!

Question 1 of 10

Android Apps are generally built in Java. Which of the following is true regarding the need to learn C# in order to shift to Windows Phone 8?

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