CMetaFile class

The CMetaFile class is derived from CMetaFileDC and allows you to
easily load metafiles from disk and display them. A metafile can also
be displayed with various alignment options, in order to preserve
aspect ratio, etc. The class include serialization, allowing you to
embed a metafile into a CDocument, for example.

To use the class, simply include “meta.h” and create an instance:

CMetaFile m_meta;

To load a metafile from disk use one of the CMetaFile::Read functions.
One takes a pointer to a filename string, the other a pointer to a
pre-opened CFile object. The Read function will return FALSE if an
error occurred loading the metafile.

If you want to check if a file is a valid metafile, there is a static
CMetaFile::IsMetaFile function you can call. Pass a CFile pointer and
the function returns true if it’s a valid metafile image.

That’s about it. The example project shows how to embed a metafile in
a document and display it from a view. Examples of all the alignment
options are included.

Download Source. and an Example

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