Ten Key Frameworks Every .NET Web Developer Should Know About

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    Ten Frameworks

    Ten Key Frameworks Every .NET Web Developer Should Know About

There are a number of frameworks available to .NET developers. We list ten that you really should know about.


  • Sr. Developer

    Posted by Mel Pama on 08/19/2015 03:33pm

    I could not print this article or download the file for it. Code Guru used to be better than this years ago, what happened?

    • Re:Sr. Developer

      Posted by on 08/19/2015 08:15pm

      This article is a slide show, thus it is composed mainly of images. Being that it is about Frameworks, there really isn't code, but rather links to those frameworks, which can be found in the article's slides.As to printing the article, I'll look into that; however, our assumption is that most people would not want to print a slideshow since it is mostly images and thus would use a lot of ink. We believe that most people simply bookmark or add a social media link to content they want to reference later instead of actually printing.Thanks for the feedback!

      • Maybe I'm in the minority...

        Posted by A# Coder on 09/02/2015 11:11pm

        Maybe I'm in the minority but the slide show format is a hindrance. I find it much more efficient to scroll down a list of all items rather than keep clicking next arrows. Thanks for the article, nonetheless.

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