Microsoft Azure Crossword Puzzle for Developers

Cloud computing and Microsoft Azure have been around for several years. Microsoft has continued to expand what Azure can do. The list of products and services included within Microsoft Azure now contains over a hundred different items. These products fall within a dozen different categories, ranging from Artificial Intelligence support to Storage services to Web and Mobiles support.

For developers, there are dozens of Azure services and products that can be used in your solutions, that range from infrastructure I (IaaS) to Software and Services (SaaS). The question is, how many can you identify? In the interest of having a little fun, below is a crossword puzzle containing twenty-nine Azure products that developers might find useful. Can you identify all of them without needing to go to the next page to see the answers?

Good luck!

The puzzle frame
Figure 1: The puzzle frame


3. Send push notifications from any back-end to any platform.

7. Get insights and analytics on Web apps and services.

8. Tool for automating application lifecycles.

9. Storage services that include support for files, blobs, Queues, tables, archiving, and more.

13. Build microservices or work with containers on Linux or Windows.

14. Search as a Service.

15. Helps developers create Cloud-based apps for Web and mobile.

16. Used to research, correlate, and analyze data from the Cloud.

17. A managed PostgreSQL database service that can be used when building apps.

18. Build, manage, and deploy machine learning solutions.

21. A relational database as a service.

24. Connect, monitor, and control IoT assets.

28. Easy verification options (phone, text, mobile) that can be added to protect apps and data.

29. Helps developers to run Windows and Linux virtual machines with a setup that takes mere minutes.


1. An analytics engine.

2. An end-to-end, scalable, platform for doing AI.

4. Lets developers use Hadoop, Spark, R Server, Hbase, Storm Clusters, and more.

5. Tool that creates debug symbols and groups similar crashes to help developers understand them better.

6. A scalable, globally distributed, multi-model database.

10. Used to build intelligent, scalable, serverless bots.

11. A managed MySQL database service that can be used when building apps.

12. Share, track, and ship code in a team setting.

19. Quickly and easily provision test and development environments.

20. Enable contextual interactions in your apps and services through smart APIs.

22. Create, host, or otherwise work with APIs.

23. Used to create and run serverless code for processing events.

25. Job scheduling and compute management services.

26. Product to extend intelligence from the Cloud to edge devices.

27. An enterprise hybrid Cloud storage solution aimed at lowering costs.

Microsoft Azure Crossword Puzzle for Developers, Answers

Answer Key

1 - Azure Analysis Services

2 - Machine Learning Services

3 - Azure Notification Hub

4 - HDInsight

5 - HockeyApp

6 - Azure Cosmo DB

7 - Application Insights

8 - Visual Studio App Center

9 - Storage

10 - Azure Bot Services

11 - Azure Database for MySQL

12 - Visual Studio Team Services

13 - Azure Service Fabric

14 - Azure Search

15 - App Services

16 - Insight & Analytics

17 - Azure Database for PostreSQL

18 - Machine Learning Studio -

19 - Azure DevTest Labs

20 - Cognitive Services

21 - SQL Database

22 - API Management

23 - Functions

24 - IoT Hub

25 - Batch

26 - IoT Edge

27 - StorSimple

28 - Multi-factor Authentication

29 - Virtual Machines

This article was originally published on February 23rd, 2018

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