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Introduction to Routing Service in WCF 4.0

Now in WCF 4.0, developers can create services that act as a Router to route messages to other client WCF services based on the requests from the clients. This feature is called WCF Routing Service. Read this article to learn more about it.

Service Discovery Techniques Introduced in WCF 4.0

WCF 4.0 introduces a couple of service discovery techniques that the client can use to discover services dynamically through client probing or service announcement. WCF 4.0 provides the ability of dynamic discovery, which allows the client to probe for the services or reversely the services can also announce their presence on the network. Read on to learn more.

Creating OData Entries in WCF Data Services

To fully exploit Open Data Protocol (OData) with WCF Data Services there are classes and interfaces a .NET app must instantiate or implement. Using a sample WCF Data Services application, this article explains how to implement data creation on an OData Endpoint.

Navigating OData and WCF Data Services

Understanding OData conventions are important to building an OData client and testing an OData Endpoint. Of all the OData conventions the most important convention a WCF Data Services developer must understand are the OData URI conventions. This article explains how OData URI conventions map to code living inside of WCF Data Services.

WCF Data Services Providers

OData's simplicity and common underlying Web standards have made it a popular Data protocol in the Microsoft stack. WCF Data Services includes several Providers that surface OData from .NET classes.

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