.NET Tip: Exiting a Try/Catch Block


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If you use a return statement within a Try/Catch block, there's a behavior you need to be aware of in your code. Consider this block, for example:

try {
catch (Exception ex)
   // Handle exception here

// code continues here...

Assuming no exception is generated, the return statement will fire normally and the code flow will go back to whatever routine called this block of code. Adding a Finally section to this block of code, however, can lead to confusion. Take this code, for example:

try {
   Console.WriteLine("In try block");
catch (Exception ex)
   Console.WriteLine("In finally block");

Even though the return statement normally will send you back to the calling block of code, the finally block always executes. For this snippet, the output will look like this:

In try block
In finally block

This behavior is by design, but it's just something to remember if you're using finally blocks along with return statements in your exception handling.

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  • try catch block problem

    Posted by c++_help on 11/07/2008 07:07am

    I have written following prog in c++ #include #include using namespace std; int main() { int a,b; cout<<"Enter values of a & b\n"; cin>>a; cin>>b; int x=a-b; try { if(x !=0) { cout<<"Result(a/x)="< Reply

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