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Top 10 CSS Techniques for Your ASP.NET Website

The HTML that the ASP.NET page renders is what your client's see first. A first impression is the best impression and CSS plays a vital role. Learn how using these few CSS techniques can help improve the performance of your ASP.NET framework website.

.NET Framework: Corrupted State Exceptions

Most developers misuse the facility of exceptions provided by the NET framework. They tend to catch all exceptions when they were expecting only file-based exceptions to be thrown. In some situations, this leads to trapping exceptions which mask state corruption of the managed process. In .NET Framework 4.0, the default implementation has changed for the better, allowing only non-corrupted state exceptions to be handled by default.

Visual Basic Tools for Windows Phone 7 Developers

The new Windows Phone 7 platform isn't restricted to only C# programming. Microsoft recently released development tools targeting Visual Basic developers. This article discusses how to get the tools and walks through a simple Visual Basic Silverlight project for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

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