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Getting Rid of the Back Button Problem

For certain data sensitive web pages, you probably do not want users to use a web browser's back button because they may retrieve and repost a page from the browser's cache, which may cause an unexpected problem and sometimes crash your application. This is the so-called back button problem. Learn how to get rid of the little bug in an ASP .NET way.

SOS from Your Production Environment

All the best software development practices and testing efforts in the world cannot guarantee that there are no intermittent or unexplainable application issues when in production. Worst case scenario being application hangs and crashes. This article shows how to take dumps of .NET applications and analyze them. This helps developers to understand the issue and find the faulty code.

Testing Visual Basic .NET with NUnit

NUnit is an open source, testing framework for all .NET languages. The big payoff is that NUnit can run tests automatically, and it can be integrated as part of your build, test, and deployment lifecycle. See it in action with Visual Basic .NET...

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