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Sharing Session State between ASP and ASP.NET

Despite all of Microsoft's best efforts to make ASP and ASP.NET coexist effortlessly, one area remains a stumbling block... session state. Fortunately the advantages of ASP.NET's upgraded session state management far outweigh the inconvenience of not being able to pass "Classic" session information to .NET. Unfortunately there is no simple solution; the most I can offer is an easy to implement workaround.

Update Multiple Records with the DataGrid, DataList and Repeater

.NET provides us with rich data controls to update a database. Both the DataGrid and DataList controls have built-in support for updating data with EditItemTemplate. These controls make the process easy, powerful, and smooth. However, the .NET data controls' built-in database updating is a single-row-based updating. You update only one record at once, and the Repeater provides no updating capability at all. In our daily programming practice, we need a function to update more than one record at a time.

What's in an ADO Connection String?

The connection string is how ADO (the DB access layer used in ASP) knows how to find your database. How you build your connection string and it's syntax will vary based on the provider you want to use. I'll be covering OLE DB and ODBC.

Writing Your First ASP.NET Page

Last time around we installed all the prerequisites and finally even ASP.NET. Now that that's done, you can start writing ASP.NET pages of your very own. This time around, we walk you through your first one.

.NET Tip: Converting Strings to Numbers

Converting strings of digits into numeric data types may not always yield the result you expect. Take a look at three ways to convert a string of digits to an integer and learn what you need to watch out for with each method.

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