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Hosting in Amazon Cloud

Cloud Computing opens new opportunities for any person solving a particular task. Discover all of the steps to get Amazon EC2 for hosting an ASP.NET web site.

Turn Image Hotlinking to Your Advantage

Don't block hotlinked images; instead, learn how to label them to bring visitors to your web site and increase your web presence, even if you are restricted by a shared hosting environment.

Create and Consume Web Services at Server and Client

Web Services, as known as XML Web Services, are units of application logic that provide data and services to other applications using Internet (or Intranet). Applications access Web Services via different kinds of Web protocols and data formats such as XML, with no need to worry about how Web Services are implemented. They can be implemented for any operation system that supports communication over the Internet and Intranet. They are the cornerstones of the Microsoft .NET programming model.

Object Oriented ASP: Using Classes in Classic ASP

Do you know how much of a nightmare some ASP pages can be? Do you know how disastrous it is to intermingle HTML with program code? Yes, you do, I know you hate it too! Been there, seen that, you've probably got some cool tricks to reduce the clutter in your own work. Perhaps you use functions extensively, putting away code from out of your HTML and into an include file? Well here's an article showing you how you can take this principle (called information hiding) to a new dimension!

Using ASP.NET Code-Behind Without Visual Studio.NET

I'm sure you've probably heard (since I've done nothing but talk about it) that we recently went to San Jose to put on our very own ASP.NET Developer Conference & Expo. While we were there, we talked to a number of developers and got a good feel for what the attendees were most looking forward to in ASP.NET. One of the things that kept coming up was the ability to use code-behind to separate the display and layout of an ASP.NET page from it's code and application logic.

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