PS (Process Status) for Windows 95 and Windows NT

A PS (Process Status) program for Windows 95 and Windows NT. This is a program to list all the active processes under Windows 95 or Windows NT. It lists each program's full path name and Process ID. If you run it with no command line arguments, it displays the output on the console. If you supply an argument (regardless of what it is) it displays the output in a Listbox instead.

In addition, a simple "kill" command is included. If you type "kill" followed by the Process ID shown in the PS display, that process will be killed (unless it's a 16 bit Windows task, which would require a bit more work.) When using KILL, you can use hex, decimal or octal for the Process ID, following the normal C conventions -- a prefix of "0x" indicates hex, a prefix of `0' indicates octal, and no prefix indicates decimal.

Full source code.
VC++ 5.0 SP3 project files. (untested with earlier versions)
hand-written makefile for command line builds.


Unzip the ps_src.zip into a directory of your choice. Assuming you have VC++ correctly intalled, switch to that directory and type nmake. The executable should come to a bit under 8K.

If you use the VC++ project files, you'll probably get a message telling you that the project has been moved -- this is normal unless you happen to pick exactly the path name to put it in that I used.

Known bugs:

1) Under NT, DOS programs are not displayed. (16 bit Windows programs are...)

2) If you attempt to use the PID supplied for a 16 bit Windows program under NT to kill the program, killing the program will fail unless the kill program takes the special nature of the program into account. (You can kill the NTVDM that the Windows program runs under, and with sufficient code, you should be able to kill the Windows program by itself as well, but I don't know of a kill program that does so.)

This code was written by Jerry Coffin. It is hereby released into the public domain. Since the program is free, I provide no guaranty or warranty of any sort with it. However, if you report any bugs to jcoffin@taeus.com, there's a reasonable chance I'll try to fix them when I get a chance. Have fun.

Download demo project - 5KB

Download source - 16KB

This article was originally published on August 6th, 1998

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