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Environment: VC6, NT/Windows 2000

Service API...

The Service API consists of a set of functions and a couple of callback functions that must be supported. Together, these functions allow an application to run independent of any logged-on user.

At its heart, a service application supports at least three functions:

  • The main function. This is just a standard main function with arguments like any console-mode, Win32 application. The main function must call certain functions in a timely manner.
  • VOID  main( DWORD dwArgc, LPTSTR* lpszArgv );
  • The ServiceMain function. This is the entry point for the service. The ServiceMain function must have the following prototype, though it can have a different name:
  • VOID ServiceMain( DWORD dwArgc,  LPTSTR* lpszArgv );
  • The control handler (Handler) function. This function receives requests for the service. The control handler function must have the following prototype, though it can have a different name:
  • VOID WINAPI Handler(DWORD fdwControl ); 
    DWORD WINAPI HandlerEx(
      DWORD dwControl,     // requested control code
      DWORD dwEventType,   // event type
      LPVOID lpEventData,  // event data
      LPVOID lpContext     // user-defined context data

The HandlerEx function is primarily useful for services that need to manage multiple services from a single control handler or for a service that needs to react to device notifications.


Download source - 38.4 Kb


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