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In Windows Explorer, you can right-click on a CD-Drive and select the "Eject" option to open the CD Drive. Unfortunately, there is no "Close" equivelant to Close the drive. This project builds a command-line program that lets you open or close any or all of your CD-Drives.

To display the program's usage, run the program with no parameters:

C:\> CDR
CDR by Chris M. Sebrell
 CDR [open|close] [Drive-Letter|ALL]
 CDR open E:
 CDR close ALL

To OPEN or CLOSE the first logical CD Drive:
C:\> CDR open
C:\> CDR close

If you have more than one CD Drive, you can specify a drive letter:

C:\> CDR open g:
C:\> CDR close g:

If you have more than one CD Drive, you can specify ALL drives:

C:\> CDR open all
C:\> CDR close all

The main work routine in the program is CD_OpenClose(BOOL bOpen, TCHAR cDrive)

//Open or Close CD Drive
//cDrive is Drive Letter to Open, or 0x01 for 'Default' drive
//CD_OpenCloseDrive(TRUE, 'G');  //Open CD Door for Drive G: 
//CD_OpenCloseDrive(FALSE, 'G'); //Close CD Door for Drive G:
//CD_OpenCloseDrive(TRUE, 1);    //Open First Logical CD Door
void CD_OpenCloseDrive(BOOL bOpenDrive, TCHAR cDrive)
 DWORD flags;

 TCHAR szDriveName[4];
 strcpy(szDriveName, "X:");

 ::ZeroMemory(&op, sizeof(MCI_OPEN_PARMS));
 op.lpstrDeviceType = (LPCSTR) MCI_DEVTYPE_CD_AUDIO;

 if(cDrive > 1)
  szDriveName[0] = cDrive;
  op.lpstrElementName = szDriveName;
  flags = MCI_OPEN_TYPE 
        | MCI_OPEN_TYPE_ID 
 else flags = MCI_OPEN_TYPE 
            | MCI_OPEN_TYPE_ID 
            | MCI_OPEN_SHAREABLE;

 if (!mciSendCommand(0,MCI_OPEN,flags,(unsigned long)&op)) 
  st.dwItem = MCI_STATUS_READY;



Next, to facilitate operating on ALL CD Drive Doors, add this routine (which calls the CD_OpenCloseDrive() function above):

void CD_OpenCloseAllDrives(BOOL bOpenDrives)
 // Determine All CD Drives and Open (or Close) each one
 int nPos = 0;
 UINT nCount = 0;
 TCHAR szDrive[4];
 strcpy(szDrive, "?:\\");

 DWORD dwDriveList = ::GetLogicalDrives ();

 while (dwDriveList) {
  if (dwDriveList & 1) 
   szDrive[0] = 0x41 + nPos;
   if(::GetDriveType(szDrive) == DRIVE_CDROM)
   CD_OpenCloseDrive(bOpenDrives, szDrive[0]);
  dwDriveList >>= 1;

That's all! The download includes source code & the compiled CDR.EXE program. If anyone has additions, corrections, or a whole new approach to this, I'd love to hear about it. I'll update this project with any new useful information I receive.


Download project (Source & Executable)- 32 Kb


  • Thank you‼

    Posted by CaptainTech / theTechLord / TechLord777 on 03/20/2016 10:20am

    Great thanks for your great tool; and great thanks for sharing it's source code with us! This little piece of software has really useful features. I can use PsExec/PAExec to remote-control disc trays of other computers.

  • Testing CDR

    Posted by Felipe R Valera on 08/12/2015 10:10pm

    Well, i tested this program using Windows 7, CDR open when we specify the drive letter and CDR open all works perfectly, if i use CDR open plain it delay a lot, and sometimes don't open; CDR close , CDR close all are not working , Great program.

  • Is it possible to check the door status?

    Posted by comomolo on 08/03/2007 12:51am

    What I want to get is this simple command: if the door is open, close it; if the door is closed, open it. Is that possible at all? Thanks for any help.

  • Excellent!

    Posted by Ajay Vijay on 01/04/2005 01:26am

    While browsing through articles randomly I found your article. This is the thing I was looking for long...! Thanks for the great effort!

    • How to detect the presence of CD

      Posted by kanul.chugh on 06/15/2006 08:17am

      This thread is what i was searching for. I also want to detect the presence of CD in CD drive.So if any one is having any information about it plz share. Regards, Kanul

  • Write a simple program that can read/write files from/into a CD

    Posted by Legacy on 10/06/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: James

    How to write a program that can write files to a CD?
    (Just like Nero or other CD burning software)

    • Codes in java for opening, closing and copying content from cd drive

      Posted by csmani on 11/21/2006 09:48am

      I am new to Java. I have done simple programs using Vb 6. please help me. I also want to know I have seen somany codes in vb for working with CD drive, but how to make these codes working in java.

    • Use Adaptec ASPI layer

      Posted by sekhar77 on 03/09/2005 08:33pm

      Install Adaptec ASPI layer. Use ASPI driver calls to send commands to device. It is possible to write data to CD-R CD-R/W etc. The total code is a bit complex. ASPI help document is available in internet.

  • Thanks: Lovely and simple to understand

    Posted by Legacy on 08/08/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Nishikant Kulkarni

    Congrats. This code is very well written. Simple to understand and explains things beautifully. Served my purpose well.


  • Another way to do it

    Posted by Legacy on 06/06/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: kakan

    #include <Winioctl.h>

    // Usage of the diskDoor function
    // Eject the cd in drive f:
    diskDoor('f', true);
    // Close the door in drive f:
    diskDoor('f', false);
    // That's it.

    bool diskDoor(char drive, bool eject)
    // Open or close the CD tray.
    // drive == 'e'
    // eject == true: Eject it. eject == false: Close the door

    char Drive[MAX_PATH];
    DWORD dwErr;
    BOOL bRetVal = TRUE;
    DWORD dwDummy;

    sprintf(Drive,"\\\\.\\%c:", cdUnit);

    // Try this first.
    hDrive = CreateFile(Drive, GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE,

    if(hDrive == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) {
    hDrive = CreateFile(Drive, GENERIC_READ,

    dwErr = GetLastError();

    if(hDrive != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE && dwErr == NO_ERROR) {
    // The drive is Open OK
    if(eject) {
    // Eject it.
    bRetVal = DeviceIoControl(hDrive, IOCTL_STORAGE_EJECT_MEDIA, NULL,
    0, NULL, 0, &dwDummy, NULL);
    else {
    // retract it
    bRetVal = DeviceIoControl(hDrive, IOCTL_STORAGE_LOAD_MEDIA, NULL,
    0, NULL, 0, &dwDummy, NULL);

    if(bRetVal == FALSE) {
    // Couldn't do it, error
    // Do error handling
    bRetVal = FALSE;
    else {
    // Error vid �ppningen
    bRetVal = FALSE;

    if(hDrive != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) CloseHandle(hDrive);
    return bRetVal;

    • Administrative Privilege

      Posted by nAlam on 03/14/2006 03:59am

      is it possible to do so without having administrative privilege?

  • it's very funny if u add this in a trojan and send to a friend

    Posted by Legacy on 06/02/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: cnk

    it's exactly what I was looking for some time..

  • how to prevent copying files from a CDROM

    Posted by Legacy on 05/23/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Naveen

    How can I prevent copying files from a CDROM to a harddisk??

  • CDR command not recognised in XP

    Posted by Legacy on 11/03/2002 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Missingpresumedgone

    Is there an alternate command that will do this instead????

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