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DocView architecture in MFC is not at all the fastest way to create a simple print preview. This article will explain How to create your own print preview. MFC DocView is designed to make the MSVC programmers get their works done in a minutes including print preview. Sometimes we need not to use DocView framework but we really need its print preview power. The key of this Print Preview is laying on the following function.
  1. CreateCompatibleBitmap
  2. CreateCompatibleDC
  3. GetDeviceCaps
  4. GetTextExtent
Beside those four functions, Print Preview needs a function that work for scaling and painting on the screen DC. We just lucky to have StretchBlt and BitBlt ready to do the dirty works but sometimes StretchBlt should be replaced by your favourite routine and then BitBlt comes into play. The reason is (maybe) dithering, filtering, antialiasing etc..
void CDlgAneh::OnButton1() 
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
// Design and implementation cinoban@yahoo.com 
// 13 Jan 2000 15:14

CString strWords;

// This is a rectangle control
CWnd* pWnd = GetDlgItem(IDC_STATIC_PREVIEW); 

CDC* dc;
CDC memoriDC;
CBitmap memBMP;
CBitmap* pOldBMP;
CFont fnt;
CFont* pOldFnt;
CRect rect;
CRect rectMemory;
CSize zMetrix;

CPrintDialog pdlg(FALSE);
CDC prnDC;

di.cbSize = sizeof(DOCINFO);
di.lpszDocName = "This string will appear in Printer
di.lpszOutput = NULL;     
di.lpszDatatype = NULL;
di.fwType = 0;

// Get current printer setting

dc = pWnd->GetDC();

// DC printer???
if( !prnDC.Attach(pdlg.GetPrinterDC()) )
AfxMessageBox("Invalid Printer DC");
memoriDC.CreateCompatibleDC(&prnDC); // Create DC for

// Get the resolution of Screen and Current Default
int iPrnX = prnDC.GetDeviceCaps(HORZRES);
int iPrnY = prnDC.GetDeviceCaps(VERTRES);
int iMonX = dc->GetDeviceCaps(HORZRES); // Device
Target is Monitor
int iMonY = dc->GetDeviceCaps(VERTRES);

rectMemory.top = 0;
rectMemory.left = 0;
rectMemory.bottom = iPrnY;
rectMemory.right = iPrnX;

// Create a Memory Bitmap that is compatible with the
Printer DC
// then select or make the bitmap as current GDI
active object
rectMemory.Width(), rectMemory.Height());
pOldBMP = memoriDC.SelectObject(&memBMP);

// Clear memory DC or in other words
// paint the bitmap with white colour and transparent
memoriDC.SetTextColor(RGB(0, 0, 0));
memoriDC.PatBlt(0, 0, rectMemory.Width(),
rectMemory.Height(), WHITENESS);

// Prepare the font
int iPointz = 100;
fnt.CreatePointFont(iPointz, "OCR A", &memoriDC);
strWords.Format("This is line number    ");        //
Test string
pOldFnt = memoriDC.SelectObject(&fnt);
zMetrix = memoriDC.GetTextExtent(strWords);
int iPos = 0;

// Write string or Paint something
int iMaksimal = 0;
int iLineHeight = 1;
int iLoop;
CString strPuncak;

// Calculate how many lines we could fit
for(iLoop = 1; iLoop < 100; iLoop++)
if( ((zMetrix.cy+iLineHeight)*iLoop) < iPrnY )

strPuncak.Format("Maximum Amount of line(s) for %d
points are %d lines", iPointz, iMaksimal);

for(iLoop = 0; iLoop < iMaksimal; iLoop++)
strWords.Format("This is line %d", iLoop);
memoriDC.TextOut(0, iLoop*(zMetrix.cy+iLineHeight),

// Reseting font

// Calculate ratio
float fXRatio = (float) iMonX/iPrnX;
float fYRatio = (float) iMonY/iPrnY;

//  iLebar = Width
//  iTinggi = Height
//  iXPosisiPreview = horisontal location of preview
//  iYPosisiPreview = vertical location of preview
int iLebar = rect.Width()*fXRatio;
int iTinggi = rect.Height()*fYRatio;
int iXPosisiPreview = (rect.Width() - iLebar)/2;
int iYPosisiPreview = (rect.Height() - iTinggi)/2;
CPen pen(PS_SOLID, 2, RGB(255, 0, 0));
CPen* pOldPen;

// Create an outline
pOldPen = dc->SelectObject(&pen);
dc->Rectangle(iXPosisiPreview, iYPosisiPreview ,
iXPosisiPreview + iLebar + 2 , iYPosisiPreview +
iTinggi + 2);

// Put in the box
dc->StretchBlt(iXPosisiPreview , iYPosisiPreview ,
iLebar, iTinggi,
&memoriDC, 0, 0, rectMemory.Width(),
rectMemory.Height(), SRCCOPY);

// Cleaning Up



  • Print on pages different from A4

    Posted by Legacy on 05/13/2003 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Gigo

    Trhere is way to make it?

  • Print Preview Without MFC

    Posted by Legacy on 12/13/2002 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Dan

    Why is it in MFC if it says 'Without MFC'?

  • Not proper Output

    Posted by Legacy on 05/23/2001 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Bakul

    Hi all,

    I have used this same code to generate Print Preview. I haven't changed even a bit of this code.

    But my problem is that I am getting a blank White Rectangle with Red Outline. Rectangel is also too small. There is nothing written on my screen in any part of output of my dialog box.

    So, can any of u suggest me solution to this problem?

  • print preview command

    Posted by Legacy on 02/06/2000 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Anggy

    Wah gua kagak ngarti nang, yang paling gampang untuk print preview itu klik file-print preview..... :-)

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