Select Multiple Items Functionally Without Pressing the CTRL or SHIFT Key in a List View Control


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A list control, with the report style, needs to select muliple item without pressing the CTRL or SHIFT key in the following instances:

  • Especially for a touch screen application or PocketPC.
  • There is a need not use two ways: select and checkbox.

The code for this article was written on Windows 2000 Professional with Microsoft Visual C++ 6. I have tested the and used the same in my work.


The developer who needs to use a list control as described above just has to include the following files in the project:

  • NoKeyMultiListCtrl.cpp
  • NoKeyMultiListCtrl.h

The developer will need to create a list control resource and associate a control member variable with the same. Then, the CListCtrl type will have to be modified to CNoKeyMultiListCtrl.



  • GetSelectedCount

    Posted by toofani on 02/03/2006 01:50pm

    After multiple selection, GetSelectedCount() always returns 1. Whats the fix? Regards, toofani57@yahoo.com

  • Thanks a lot

    Posted by toofani on 01/28/2006 10:45am

    Your code really saved my life. Thanks a lot :)

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