Tabbed views within a splitter window

This article presents a class which can be used to create tabbed views within a splitter window. As a starting point, I used Daniel Harth's article about tabbed views within frame windows (SDI frame window or MDI child window).

Since splitter window dynamically creates a view object (based on RUNTIME_CLASS information), tabbed window is created in the same way. In order to perform the creation of all the views (tabs) within a tab window, this class contains a virtual function DoCreateView(...) which is called from within a Create() member function that actually creates a tab window. Default implementation of DoCreateView(...) function simply asserts since the actual creation of all the views is delegated to an overloaded function in the derived class.

Besides this technique, there are several other functions:

(1) virtual function called after the view (tab) is changed

(2) virtual function which is called to determine whether the switch to another view is allowed or not (by default it is allowed)

(3) function to change the label in runtime

(4) several informational function to get the pointer to the current view, get the current tab index, get the label etc.

Here is a pseudo code that shows how to use this class:

Declare a derived class specific to your project:

class TMyTab : public TVisualTabInSplitter 
 virtual ~TMyTab();
 virtual void DoCreateView(CCreateContext *pContext);

Class implementation:



void TMyTab::DoCreateView(CCreateContext *pContext)
 CreateView(Page 1, RUNTIME_CLASS(CTreeView), pContext);
 CreateView(Page 2, RUNTIME_CLASS(CListView), pContext);

If you are creatng an SDI application, then use the following code as a sample:

BOOL DerivedFromCFrameWnd::OnCreateClient(..., CCreateContext *pContext)


 return TRUE;

Of course, you could also use a nested splitter window.

I intend to design a tabbed views class that can be used as a child to frame window and that can contain a splitter window on one of the tabs. You may collect the latest version of the class from my Web site: www.scasoftware.com.

Last updated: January 15, 1999.

This article was originally published on January 15th, 1999

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