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Environment: VC6 SP2

The Tetris Clone CGTetris

Sound & Music
Building the game
Changes in version 1.1
Changes in version 1.2

This game was born by a wish of my wife, an ultimate Tetris fan, to play a "nice" Tetris on the PC. Many clones of Tetris in the net were all not good enough (not nice :-),  boring or simply unplayable ...). Buying such a (comparatively trivial) game was not an option. So I developed a new clone of this great game.

The game includes a lot of code not developed by me. All these "stolen" codes came from the codeguru's pages, and I think it's alright to use it. I will not mention all the developers, whose code is inside the game (I fear I will forget somebody). If you're interested, you might look into the sources to retrieve this information. Some parts of the "stolen" code were modified, so please refer to the related original article in the codeguru's pages rather than extracting it from the game's source!


To have a little bit of fun, your screen settings should support at least 256 colors. Hi- or true color would be much nicer.

Sound & Music

CGTetris makes a difference between sound and music. Sounds are implemented by using wavetable files (*.wav), while music is implemented by using MIDI files (*.mid) (You can see these files only in the sourcecode distribution. In the game distribution they are built into the game.)
You need a soundcard to hear both, sounds and music.
Furthermore you need an installation of DirectX (at least version 3). Sounds are played via DirectSound. The advantages of DirectSound over the win32 API function PlaySound(), are its lower latency and the ability to mix sounds on the fly.
CGTetris does not install DirectX, because it is already installed on many hosts. If you don't have it right now, you might download it from microsofts home page.


In the current version (1.1) CGTetris is able to "speak" 3 languages. The default language is the one of the internet: English. The game is able to detect which is the current users default language. You only need a proper language DLL to make the game speak the right language.


Needed Language DLL


none (default)



French (since version 1.1)

French.lng (done by Yann_STEPHAN@hp.com)

Russian (since version 1.2)

Russian.lng (done by Taras Zakovyrin)

Chinese (big5) (since version 1.2)

Chinese.lng (done by JauMing Tseng)

list of currently available languages

The sources of the language DLLs are inside the source distribution. The DLLs are inside the setup procedure.

If you are interested in creating a language DLL for others than the supported languages, please let me know.

Building the game

Since the first publication of this game, I've got a lot of messages from people asking me, why the sources won't compile. Well, you need service pack 3 for the developer studio (VC++ 5). This SP contains some bug-fixes the compiler has with STL and templates.

Changes in version 1.1

  • added french DLL (thanks to Yann_STEPHAN@hp.com)
  • some minor modifications in handling language DLLs

Changes in version 1.2

  • added russian and chineses language DLLs
  • F1 .. F12 at the "game page" can be used to preselect a level (1 .. 12 respectively)
  • You can now place your own MIDI files in the directory where the game lies. In the options dialog they will be listed with their name (without path and extension).
  • You can now play all the musics in a sequence, instead of playing one again and again. This includes the builtin musics and the external musics.


Now for the interesting part: the download. If you want to build the game by yourself (MS-VC++ 6 project), you might select the source code distribution (a ZIP file). Otherwise you can download the game's setup procedure. For all you cautious net surfers: The game is checked against bugs and viruses as good as one can check such things. The setup routine does not modify your system directories. An uninstall procedure will be installed, too. The installation routine was built with the publicly available setup toolkit GkSetup 1.60 (it took me just 5 minutes to build it!)

CGTetris is free software. You can redistribute it as long as it is not sold for profit without the authors written consent. The software does not include any warranty. Any damage (of what kind ever) resulting from the use of this software, rests entirely to the user.

Installable Game

Source Project

CGTetris-1.2.exe 760 KB

CGTetris-1.2-src.zip 710 KB


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    Originally posted by: Nina

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  • Will this game, or quake be able to run on a Mac?

    Posted by Legacy on 02/15/2004 08:00am

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    Originally posted by: Shauna

    Now do we really need the language you guys are posting? I mean come on!! It's ruthless and harsh. So please change it fast.


    Posted by Legacy on 12/12/2003 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Shauna

    Now do we really need the language you guys are posting?  I mean come on!!  It's ruthless and harsh.  So please change it fast.  

  • ?�quaestion?�

    Posted by Legacy on 11/23/2003 08:00am

    Originally posted by: roberta

    how in the world do you download tetris?

  • How the hell do u make the screen bigger

    Posted by Legacy on 10/25/2003 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Chelsea

    i want 2 no how you make the screen bigger cause its to smal for me 2 see please tell me

  • search for tetris with russian background-picture

    Posted by Legacy on 09/10/2003 07:00am

    Originally posted by: martin

    hi everybody,
    my wife once had a tetris clone with russian pictures as background pictures.

    Where can I find that game (a copy of it)?!?

    Please help my wife (AND ME!!!)


    thx a lot

  • This Game Rock's It helped Me Alot

    Posted by Legacy on 08/26/2003 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Asylum Studios

    Your Game is Awsome I used the Source to make my own tetris Clone... Thank you.

  • laLaLA

    Posted by Legacy on 07/15/2003 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Olivia

    This download FUCKIN' SUCKS ASS!!!

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