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In this project we implemented a real-time multi-player distributed animated tank game.

This project was done during one of our lab assignments in the Technion - Israel's Technologicl Institute.

Major game features:
  • This game runs on Win32 platforms (Win95 / 98, Win NT 4 or above)
  • Supports various communication methods (LAN, Internet, Dial-up, Direct cable)
  • The game allows up to 4 players to take part in a game session
  • The game uses graphics and animation to display the background and moving objects
  • A game session is hosted on a server machine
  • Each player is either a server (there's exactly one server in each game session) or a client
  • A client interacts with the server and participates in the game play

Major programming features:

  • MFC based
  • Heavy use of C++ features
  • Uses DirectPlay
  • Uses DirectSound
  • Multithreaded
  • Uses DIBs and the DrawDIB API (from WFW) for animations
  • Synchronization
  • Message packing and unpacking
  • A timer mechanism - time synchronization using smoothed averages
  • Automatic and random map generation
  • Image manager Lists of images
  • Smart queues for inter-thread messaging support
  • Keyboard manager - Mapping virtual keys into maneuver sets of local tanks
  • Animated dialog buttons
  • Animation controls

Visit project's site

Download demo project executable - 3785 KB

Download source - 1621 KB


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