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This is a combination of 3 projects built with Microsoft Visual C++ Ver 5.0. It was developed and run soley on Win NT 4.0 on a Corporate LAN. It has not been tested on other OS's, or over a modem. The goal of these projects is two provide a knowledge base on Sockets programming. Project 1, RemoteDesktopViewer_server.zip, is a Server program which sends it's desktop window in real time to a client program over the internet. Project 2, RemoteDesktopViewer_client.zip, a Client program which displays the desktop of a machine running the server program. Communication over the internet was done by programming sockets version 2.2.

This project also tries to provide another goal. Visual C++ w/o MFC. This project shows how one can write a Visual C++ program using the Win 32 SDK and Message Crackers.

The third project (RemoteDesktopViewer_common.zip) builds a library with which the Server and Client programs use to link. The library is public domain and contains functions to compress data.

Each zip file is a full project for Microsoft Visual C++ ver 5.0 and should be viewed accordingly.

Portions of the code have been written by third parties, through submission to codeguru and other web sites. Credit has been given where it is due in these cases.

Because of the nature of the project, I have taken my IP address out of the code, and am leaving up to the individual to add there IP address for there personal use. The file to do this is called 'Client.c'. It is part of the client window project. There is a #define statement at the top of the code which holds the IP address of the server machine to connect to.


Download Common source - 123 Kb
Download Client source - 87 Kb
Download Server source - 101 Kb


  • getting linker error and resolution problem

    Posted by madhavigun on 03/30/2004 08:07am

    Hi!This Article is excellent.but when i m compiling the server code,i m getting the following error.
    LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "c:\devstudio\cppprojects\zip\debug\zipdbg.lib"
    Error executing link.exe.
    one more thing i noticed is when i view the remote desktop,the desktop is coming in green color instead of blue color.i m getting dashes on the desktop screen.
    when i m viewing the client window the colors r completely changing and they r coming in light grey color.can u plz sort out this problem?
    any one can help me?
    thanks in advance...

  • Well Done

    Posted by Legacy on 10/02/2003 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Richard Dawson

    A nice piece of work well done, performance is not too far short of VNC and Proxy (Funk Software).

    I found it easier to rename directories to \Client, \Server and \Zip to avoid some of the compile problems, also the project settings for client and server needed changing so that the compression library was linked in correctly (Object / Library Modules on the Project Settings - > Link Tab).

  • Great Work ...... some query

    Posted by Legacy on 05/22/2003 07:00am

    Originally posted by: SANJAY SAMUEL

    Hi Andy,
    First of all
    pleae kindly know whether this works on a different LAN network.


  • error even on linking

    Posted by Legacy on 04/08/2003 07:00am

    Originally posted by: prateek

    Plz help me out with problem of linking on client and server side even though i have linked them with zip2.lib

    LINK : warning LNK4098: defaultlib "LIBCD" conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library
    Debug/ClientWindow.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 41 unresolved externals
    Error executing link.exe.

  • code in mfc

    Posted by Legacy on 03/20/2003 08:00am

    Originally posted by: SED V C

    this is one of the great program that I ever have seen.
    can u send me the code for this in MFC...

  • work in win 2000

    Posted by Legacy on 02/12/2003 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Krishnaraj

    i tried in executing in win 2000. but it does not work in it.
    please suggest alternate way to solve this issue.

  • Source request for remote keyboard and mouse.

    Posted by Legacy on 01/08/2003 08:00am

    Originally posted by: mickey

    Anyone know the coding for remote the keyboard and mouse over the server.Besides that do anyone had add any function to this program?.I need it and post to me.I need it for references in study on remote administration.

  • Viewer Desktop in len

    Posted by Legacy on 07/12/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Chirag Soni

    What should I do for see server desktop in len. form ethernet card not on modem.

  • How to start the server as soon as the application starts.

    Posted by Legacy on 06/25/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Neil Devlin

    I am wanting to start the server application from another application. I can use shellExec(...) to run the app. but how do I get the server to start automatically?

  • Link error, unable to execute

    Posted by Legacy on 06/04/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Dayanandan

    LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "c:\devstudio\cppprojects\zip\debug\zipdbg.lib"
    Error executing link.exe.
    Please send me details to link zip files

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